Tuesday 28 February 2012

You CAN get what you want, You just have to WAIT

Sometimes, it takes a long time to get what you want. Nicholas is learning this lesson with the Ultimate Warrior. We received an email from "Team Warrior" that confirmed Nick's win and asked for his mailing address so that an alternate Ultimate prize could be posted. VIP tickets for a live event in Chicago on March 23 were the grand prize and Nick cannot travel because of his chronic pain. Yesterday, Nick and I composed the following letter to Team Warrior.

I have thought a lot about what prizes from Team Warrior might be on my wish list. One thing that I thought of was an interview with the Warrior over the phone or skype. I have always wanted to be a sports journalist and I have a bit of experience in that regard. I was the sports reporter for my high school newspaper and I have a hockey blog called The Hockey Ambassador (http://thehockeyambassador.blogspot.com/). (The title is a play on words because my Dad was the Canadian Ambassador in the UK http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_R._Wright). Of course the Warrior would pre-approve all my questions and give me advice on where such an interview could be allowed in print, including possibly on my blog.

My other choice for an ultimate prize would be any piece of original artwork by the Warrior. I think he's a terrific artist.

For your background information, here is a bit about me:

I am a huge fan of wrestling and especially of the Warrior. I am 23 years old and disabled with cerebral palsy (a physical disability). This affects the control that I have over movement, vision, and speech. Even though my disability is considered 'severe', I have perfect verbal comprehension, and an incredible memory. In other words, I understand everything being said. I have completed high school as well three online college courses including one called “The Study of Sport Online”. In my final year of high school, I won an award called "Spirit of the Capital Youth Award for Academic Perseverance" (ie Warrior Attitude). Currently, I am learning about meditation - does the Warrior meditate by any chance?

My goal is to be a volunteer wrestling writer and reporter. I am going to a WWE wrestling event (not televised) this Saturday night in my hometown of Ottawa, Canada and I am going to tweet results to a wrestling website.

A bit more about how I communicate: When I was younger, I used a 'speaking computer' with head switches to communicate (something like the astro-physicist Stephen Hawking uses). The switches and computer were mounted to my wheelchair. Because I spend less time in my chair now due to chronic pain, I no longer use this system to communicate. We are working on building a new system called Proloquo2Go on the Ipad. Now, I use this combined with a few spoken words including a perfectly clear "yes" and "no" to great advantage. With someone asking me 'twenty questions', I can communicate complex ideas. I thought about using a computer voice for the competition, but decided against it. The computer voice just did not have the 'warrior attitude. People who know me well, have an easy time understanding me and if the Warrior was able to call me for an interview, there would be someone here to help interpret.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in the contest and I'm thrilled to have won. Luckily, I have a lot of friends in the UK and in Canada who helped me win. Absolutely anything from the Warrior would be very gratefully received.

Thanks so much, and by the way, I Always Believe

Yours truly,
Nicholas Wright


Anonymous said...

Although I cannot say in all honesty that I am terribly "thrilled" that my only male cousin is an avid fan of the wonderful world of wrestling (perhaps indicative of my having grown up in all female household), I do have some remarks that I wish to share.

Although the title “You CAN get what you want, You just have to Wait”, an ode to patience (a virtue somewhat forgotten in today’s society) is fitting in many regards, I cannot help but underline what struck me most about this whole competition-Nick’s steady confidence in the face of adversity. For fear of success or failure, I believe the average person is not actionable when it comes to the realization of his goals. The false power of the ego can render even the most altruistic person in a state of paralysis.

Not only did Nick have a plan of action, but he saw it through.
In other words…Nick, you have: the chutzpah, the backbone, the balls to go for what you truly want in life and for that I commend you.
As our proud MacLeod clan motto says “Hold Fast”- and Nick, you have shown the world time and time again that you are indeed the “Ultimate Warrior”.

Cheers to you Nick!

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna,

An alternate "Ultimate" prize is not something that I thought of, or even saw coming, but I should have. I merely assumed that Nick had decided to travel to Chicigo by allowing Jim or you to manage his pain --I guess this is no longer an option.

Please, tell your son that I too live my life by "accepting what I cannot do, but never stop trying to find ways to do those things which really matter." Consequently, a little fun along the way, "Never hurt anyone."

It is an honour and a priviledge to know you both.

Wholeheartedly yours,

Matt Kamaratakis