Sunday 22 July 2012

A Very Welcome Virtual Dinner Guest

Last night the extended family, minus Nicholas and my Mum, were around the dinner table at the lake.  Just fyi, on the menu was grilled salmon, black bean and corn salad with lime and cilantro, chipotle mayo coleslaw and berry pie with ice cream.  My daughter Natalie was here with a friend and so was my sister Karen and her family.  I've blogged before about our difficulties in getting Nick to the cottage - it's complicated, and my Mum is still recovering from her recent illness.

Anyway, the phone rang just as we all sat down and it was Jen, Nick's nurse.  "Nick wants to talk to you - he wants to tell you that he's disappointed because he missed the Liverpool football match that was played this afternoon in Toronto.  He forgot all about it!"  I suggested that Nick skype us so that he could say Hi to all of us... his computer is connected to his big screen TV, so on Skype, we would be able to chat face to face.  I placed my laptop at Nick's place at the table, but facing outward so we could all see him.  Everyone shouted their commiserations about the forgotten soccer match and we all laughed and chatted noisily, as we always do in our family.

We are still working on getting Nick to the cottage for the day, but in the meantime, it was wonderful having Nick back at our table for dinner.  Perhaps tonight I'll invite my Mum to join us 'virtually'!

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