Thursday 13 October 2011

Cancelled Plans

This afternoon Nicholas wanted a hug...and then another one. Today he didn't even care who saw. In the morning, we cancelled the wheelchair bus that was meant to take Nicholas to our house for his first visit to the old 'homestead' where he lived before our family moved to England in 2006. It wasn't Nick's nerves that made us cancel our plans, it was his bad cold.

Colds are unpleasant for anyone, but for Nick, it's a bit more than just a nuisance. All of his carers are watching his fluid intake and listening to his chest for any ominous crackles. Those sounds could mean pneumonia.

This morning, after a restless and long night in bed, the nurse did detect a few crackles, but they disappeared after getting up for a relaxing bath. Just moving around helped to dislodge the fluid in Nick's lungs.

Tonight, Nick's uncle is with him watching the Ottawa hockey team play on TV and tomorrow our wonderful GP will make a house call to see whether or not Nick should have anti-biotics. I am sure that Nick will be fine, but for mothers, worry comes with the job.

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