Thursday, 29 September 2011


Uncle. Tap out. I don't want to play anymore. I give up.

This morning, the doctor called and said that she was leaving town at noon (returning next week) and had no more time to deal with our prescription situation. She had found someone in Moncton, New Brunswick, who could prepare Nick's pump drug mixture, but we had to pay $2,000.00 for it. This pharmacist in Moncton would call me in an hour and I would give him my credit card details.

By noon, I still hadn't heard from the Moncton, so I called them. The pharmacist in question had left on holiday till next week.

I called the pharmacy here in Ottawa, only to learn that Nick's medication uses a powder form of the drug that is not covered by the government funding plan for people with disabilities. I called said government funding plan offices today four times, leaving urgent messages and never heard back.

It's now 4:57am and Jim and I are both sleepless and nauseated by the prospect of being forced to consider paying tens of thousands of dollars (Nicholas requires refills of his pump every five weeks) for our sweet son to be free of pain.

So, we have decided that enough is enough. We are going to forget Moncton. We are going to call the pharmacist here in Ottawa and tell her to contact the UK hospital and get advice on how to achieve the best possible mixture, using drugs that are covered by the Ontario government funding plan. That is the only practical, sustainable solution. We hope it works.

Now, I am going to put on headphones and listen to the uncensored version of C. Lo Green's "Forget You" at a volume of "eleven", as Nigel Tuffnell would say.
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