Friday 30 September 2011

A Lifeline

We have a solution. For now and I think for the future.

Time will tell how this plays out - but for now, we are grateful.

I am feeling battered and still vulnerable. My question is this: why is it so difficult for families to gather accurate information about funding for essential (and non-essential) services? The fact that we are left guessing at what might be acceptable makes solution based advocacy almost impossible.

But for now, thank goodness Nick will have his pump refill next week.

This afternoon, Jim and I will go to the cottage and the forecast is cold and rain. No worries - I will be sitting by the fire playing cribbage. That's one game I know I can win.

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Anonymous said...

See Donna I had prayed for you two and even spoke to Jim last night on the phone that I was concerned and if the prescription could be sent to me to if my pharamicist here could help