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I have thoroughly enjoyed the last two caregiving sessions. Lois Crocker


Thank you to Donna and Zachary for all the great work they do and these very helpful webinars. Anne Janssen


I'm very grateful for the opportunity I have of attending these helpful webinars Patricia Jimenez


THANK YOU, Donna and Zachary, and all who helped put this together.  These have been the most helpful webinars I have ever attended!  Marcia


THANK YOU VERY MUCH this was very helpful.  I loved all your stories and have lived many of those moments too as a caregiver.  Marina Ducarme



That was one of the best ones yet!  So practical!!!  Thinking of using it with our survivors of stroke chapter.  Be really great information to give to new caregivers joining the group and also to go over it with our existing members.  Thank you so much for this! Sue Miller

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