Friday 22 December 2023

Isolated for the Holidays

I haven't forgotten to write up Day 3 of the Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence Conference - I WILL get to it (all my notes are made and I can't wait to tell you what happened!). But, it's coming up to Christmas and I want to share something that is holiday-related. 

A few days ago, I was browsing a facebook group for parents of children with disabilities. One mother asked for ideas on how to have fun at Christmas when extended family was unable to join and everyone felt blue that "nothing special" was going to happen over the holidays. Being homebound with loved ones who are mobility-challenged or too medically fragile to leave the house can be especially dispiriting at this time of year. But leave it to caregivers to share creative ideas about how to find the bright side and make happy family memories in spite of health challenges that necessitate being isolated at home over the holidays. Here are just some of great ideas I read with a few of my own thrown in for good measure.

  • Ask at your local shelter whether they do "doggy days out" - some let people borrow a pet for a few hours of unconditional love and playtime
  • Buy a Nerf gun and set up a targets (away from anything breakable) in the house and get ready to laugh
  • Choose a seasonal movie and menu to match for every day of the holidays
  • Christmas Bingo with "fabulous" prizes from the Dollar store
  • Christmas-themed charades
  • Build an epic fort and have hot chocolate in it
  • Play "Ghost Charades": the first round is the usual way of playing. The second round is using the same set of clues, but this time acted out under a bedsheet
  • Have a scavenger hunt in the house
  • Bring out old photos and tell stories about them (or make up stories)
  • Have a beach party and rent a hot tub
  • Have a singalong watch party of your favourite musical movie
  • Wrap dollar store gifts and try to guess what's inside without unwrapping it - the closest guess wins the present
  • Cook holiday food on Zoom or Facetime with family members - hanging out in the kitchen together can be fun
  • Add your idea HERE

Happy Holidays, everyone! And may 2024 bring caregivers recognition, appreciation and a National Caregiver Strategy! 

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