Tuesday 1 November 2022

November Caregiver Support Challenge


November is many things. For Canadians it's the dark month, the lead-up to Christmas. For Americans, it's Thanksgiving month. For all of us, it is National Caregivers Month (well, it's really a designation that originated in the US, but ALL of us can and should claim it too because... why not?!)

This year's theme for National Family Caregivers Month is "Caregiving Around the Clock." It's a great theme and one that I'm sure resonates with every one of us. Because we DO give care around the clock. We are on call or actively giving care 24/7 without a break. 

Let's use this November to reach out to our extended families, friends, neighbors and others to tell them we need support. When someone asks, "How can I help?", have three responses at the ready. Maybe you can ask a sibling to sit with your loved one for a couple of hours. Maybe you can ask for a meal delivery. Or maybe you can ask them to listen when you explain a typical day in your caring life. 

"Ask for what you need" is my new mantra and this November is a good opportunity to do just that. Best of  luck and please let us know in the comments how your November support challenge works out. 

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Elizabeth said...

Hello there, old friend! I'm linking my substack to you tonight as a great resource for this month. I'm trying to post daily with bits of writing, resources, stories and links through the month. I hope that you're well!