Thursday 2 August 2018

When Equipment Can Help - How to Begin the Search


Older adults want to have the best quality of life after their retirement. And why shouldn’t they? Family caregivers deserve a good life, too.

Identifying the right kind of assistive care equipment is one way to ensure the quality of life that we all need and deserve. Whether you are at the beginning, the middle or near the end of your caregiving journey, Patient Handling Equipment items will make a significant difference in the quality of life for both caregiver and loved one.
Let’s take a look at some items that improve the life of seniors and their caregivers.

For Walking and Moving

We need to promote mobility in older people by providing them with high-quality equipment and ensuring that they can move freely and SAFELY whenever they like.

To facilitate the movement of older adults who may be experiencing mobility challenges, a cane, walker or a wheelchair could be the right product. If the person is experiencing weakness and having difficulty walking long distances, a wheelchair can come in handy for outings, even if her or she is still independently mobile at home. Mobility challenges can mean that an individual may need a variety of aids, depending on the environment. Seniors wishing to go shopping or explore the community may require a wheelchair, but once seated at a restaurant, can safely use a cane to visit the restroom. Older adults who resist using mobility aids can sometimes be persuaded to use them once they choose a colour or design. Some individuals even customize their equipment by adding decorative features that reflect their own style.


Seniors are more prone to falling as they age. A person can slip anytime, especially with the combination of muscle weakness and balance impairment. Medical alerts or alarms offer peace of mind for caregivers knowing that help is on its way in the event of a fall, anytime and anywhere.

Lift Recliner Chair

Remote control lift chairs help the user to sit or stand. Anyone who has difficulty transferring from sitting to standing will find that this type of chair enhances independence and it saves the caregiver’s back as well. Lift chairs today are attractive, can recline, or be used as normal armchairs for the rest of the family.

Lift chairs such as “Infinite Position Recliners”, “3-Position Recliners”, “Pop-Up Chairs”, or “Power Lift Recliners” all have different features and price points. Some even include massage and heating features. There are lots of options to meet individual needs and budgets.

Equipment to Relieve Pressure Sores

Constant friction or pressure can cause damage to the skin resulting in the formation of pressure sores. People who have limited mobility and spend longer periods in sitting or lying are more prone to this kind of skin damage. Special equipment such as alternating air pressure mattresses, gel pads and cushions can be used to prevent pressure sores.

If you are not sure what type of equipment you need at home to make caregiving easier, speak with your local medical aids vendor. Often therapists are on staff and available to give you advice. It doesn’t cost anything to ask and gather information.

Guest blogger Romalyn Casia is a social media expert, writer, an entrepreneur, and a mother. When she's not working, she spends time with her family, and she bakes too.

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