Monday, 8 January 2018


In this recipe, the essence of the caregiver is kept aside, similar to the starter in sour dough bread. This 'starter' will be needed to make and re-make the caregiver into different shapes and sizes as needs for her or him arise.

Recipe for Making A Caregiver

Start with a cool oven, but make sure to the turn temperature up slowly till it's very hot.

When needs arise, tear off a bit of the starter.
Mix in:
Love for yeast
Muscle for flour
Determination for salt
Creative problem solving for water

Mix by throwing together. Let rise and then make sure that medical and insurance systems punch it down.

Let rise again.

Now, bake at a high temperature till done (remember, this recipe burns easily). Everyone eat - this recipe feeds many!

Start all over again when your loved one transitions to a new level of care.

NB: Remember, when a caregiver's loved one passes away, the starter will be used to bake an entirely different recipe. It will have the same ingredients, but will look very different.

Bon appetit.

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