Sunday 20 August 2017

FRIENDSHIP is in the Heart of Every Caregiver

I'm up at our family cottage on a lake in the mountains of Quebec.  Yesterday it rained, so naturally I gravitated to the bookshelf in the corner by the fireplace.  I found this 1910 copy of "The Gift of Friendship and Other Verses".

Let me share with you one verse that perfectly captures, for me, the reason I write this blog:

Comrades All!

The Road is long, the way is steep,
The path sometimes is hard to keep,
There's sun and rain upon the way
We travel o'er from day to day.
But Life's ahead what e'er befall,
And come what may, we're comrades all!

Comrades all in joy and pain,
Comrades in the sun and rain,
Comrades in the work we do
Day by day the journey through.
Here's my hand beyond recall
Yours "for keeps" - we're comrades all!

We are bound together by our caregiving experience and, I believe, made better for it.  So, here's my hand beyond recall, yours 'for keeps' - we're comrades all!

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