Thursday 6 April 2017


I love this guest post by Leandro Mueller because it reminds me to think of my own retirement together with my Mom's. We all need to re-conceptualize aging in order to embed meaning and purpose in our lives whether we're 60 or 90 years old.

As a way to commemorate National Retirement Planning Week, caregivers can help their recipients see the golden years through a different and more positive perspective. And in line with this year’s theme, “Rethink Retirement,” we’re sharing some helpful ways to connect, bridge, and celebrate the many wonders that proper retirement (planning) brings.

Chasing Dreams

Retirement isn’t the end. In fact, it’s the start of something wonderful, if one does take the right steps to prepare for it. Caregivers can remind their recipients of the many opportunities and dreams to accomplish during the golden years. Let’s take, for example, traveling. As the top dream that workers want to realize during the twilight years, caregivers can help their loved ones make this goal a reality. Or, how about learning or mastering a new skill or craft? Whatever the dream is, caregivers can help lighten the often tumultuous feeling of retirement by reminding (better yet, making it happen) loved ones of their chance to make these goals into reality.

Being the Best Version of Yourself

The golden years can also be seen as a period when one can truly be the person they’ve always desired to be. As like we’ve mentioned in passing above, retirement can be the time for one to learn or do what they’ve always wanted to achieve. Also, this period can also be focused on health; for one’s wellbeing, when prioritized, also means making the most of every moment that retirement has to offer. Caregivers making the push towards a recipient’s ideal self can also benefit– seeing and experiencing a loved one with a drive to positively transform will help caregivers realize that his or her calling is definitely a one full of passion and rewards.

A Time to Reconnect and Build Bridges

Lastly, viewing retirement as a time to foster, repair, and create new relationships is an excellent way to spend the years. Retirees can take advantage of this time by seeing what matters the most in life: people. Caregivers, also, can reap the many rewards of being with a recipient with a “relationships-first” mindset – loved ones may see how significant and crucial caregivers are in their lives, and may very well recognize them for everything they’ve (and are still continuing) done! Similar to what Donna wrote previously, “Message for National Caregiver Day: I See You, I Salute You,” the love exuded from seeing the importance of other people is grand and should always be promoted.
Retirement is truly not the end – it is a time to celebrate the many wonders of life. For caregivers and their loved ones alike, making the necessary shifts in perspective can both help in planning and the actual retirement phase. Why settle for less and wallow in regret, when there is so much to see and be blessed for during the golden years?
Also, please leave a comment below if you have other ways or suggestions on how caregivers and retirees can see the golden years in a different light. We hope that everyone gets to see the beauty of retirement – we wish everyone the best.
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