Saturday 31 December 2016

A New Year Reflection for My Fellow Caregivers


This is a beautiful reflection by my friend and fellow caregiving author, the wonderful Julie Keon. I had the privilege of writing the foreword to Julie's bestselling book for disability parents, "What I Would Tell You." 

I love a new year. Always feels like a clean slate, a fresh start and a new beginning. Having to write a new year validates the feeling.
2016 was a memorable year and mostly because it was challenging in a lot of ways. I have never backed down from a good challenge as I crave the powerful shifts and learning that tend to ride on the coat tails of difficulty. I have learned that happiness has a lot to do with two things: Choices & Expectations.

We all have the power of choice and must take responsibility for our choices. When choice isn't part of the equation, our expectations will determine how we respond to what life throws our way. Disappointment is most often a result of not having our expectations met. 

Make good choices, own your choices and stay in the moment. Allow life to unfold and enjoy each moment even the really shitty ones. Never lose sight of the simple fact that you are alive and have the privilege to choose how you will move through and respond to each moment and day. That is powerful stuff.

Happy New Year.

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