Monday, 5 December 2016

3 Great Career Choices for Caring People and Caregivers

It is my pleasure to host this guest post today about career training for caring professions. I've blogged before about how caregivers can re-purpose their home based experience to enter higher education or the job market. If you are a caregiver with a Bachelor's Degree and would like to explore further education that combines your caregiving experience with your work aspirations in health care, look at the opportunities HERE. There are lots of opportunities for distance learning - a convenient way to complete an advanced degree from home. 

It is said that most people choose their jobs out of necessity. The problem with choosing an occupation based on the paycheck alone, is that you might end up being miserable in the process. This is especially true for caring people, who usually need to feel a sense of vocation in what they're doing. If you consider yourself a caring person, here are three career choices you should definitely consider.

Care Home Manager

The responsibility of care home managers is to look over the operations of nursing homes and residential homes that provide care to old people, chronically ill or younger people among others. Care home managers will usually need to have significant experience in medical or social care. It is also common for care home managers to have worked as deputy managers or home care assistants.
In order to land a job as a home care assistant, you might also be required to have a master of public health degree. Whether your degree is from a brick and mortar instruction or you obtained your MPH degree online is of little importance. According by this piece by the University of Arizona, one of the main reasons students choose to pursue a public health degree online is because of the large job options it offers.

Social Worker

Social workers will be demanded to work with a variety of organizations to provide specialized help to certain group of individuals. Whether it's kids in need, people struggling with substance abuse, or inmates, social workers will be demanded to provide mental support to people in need. They will also be asked to help these people get out of their situation through the use of various tools.
The number of institutions who hire social workers is endless. But more than likely, you will be asked to work in schools, healthcare facilities, private companies, government agencies and prisons among other places. However, please note that this job is for the emotionally strong only, as many social workers will have to deal with the emotional baggage that comes with working with people in distress.

Psychiatric Nurse

The job of a psychiatric nurse can be viewed as demanding, but rewarding as well. Psychiatric nurses will be asked to work with people dealing with mental and emotional disorders and provide specific care for these groups. Psychiatric nurses will also assist in the diagnosis and assessment of a patient’s condition. In addition, you might be asked to provide counsel to patients and family members about various mental conditions such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, anxiety and others.
You will usually be asked to work in medical facilities, but you might also be called to work in rehab centers, private residences, or nursing homes. You title as a nurse will depend on which age group you serve, what state you'll be working in as the position changes name from state to state, and your level of training.
All of these jobs are great for those with people skills who like to give a helping hand. Furthermore, all of these positions have good job prospects, which should continue in the next few years. So, if you see yourself as a caring and loving person, you should definitely consider these three positions.

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