Tuesday 10 May 2016

Happy Nursing Week to All The Nurses on Team Nick

Over the years, we have welcomed nurses into our family.  Community and long-term care nurses are a special breed. They understand teamwork with family and how to make clinical nursing seem like normal home life.  Nicholas has had many, many hospitalizations and we became good friends with our inpatient nurses as well. Our favourites would sing Polish folk songs, help us play tricks on the doctors, give us hugs and make us laugh when we were tired or afraid. For families like mine, our nurses are angels from heaven.  

Happy Nurses Week to all the nurses who have helped take care of our Nick, both in hospital, at home and now at his residence. Thank you!

 Our home nurses helped the family form a ball hockey team for Nick's birthday in London. Thank you to Jade, Dania, Angela and Melinda!

It's fun when a nurse is a guy who loves sports!

If a nurse helps to cook junk food, that is a very good thing. (Top marks from Nick!)

Nurses sometimes take time off to have babies but they always come back to work and to visit! (Thank you!)

And even when they move away, they come back to visit.

In community and long-term care, nurses become friends of the whole family. We trust in their clinical skills and in their true affection for our son. That combination of knowledge, training, collaboration and love is what makes our nurses so very special. Thank you, everyone!

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