Monday 14 September 2015

Buying a Car For an Older or Disabled Loved One? Check Out This Handy Info Guide!

Choosing the right car is a big decision.  But when it comes to older or disabled people, making the right choice is even more important in order to ensure safety, comfort and ultimately that independence is maintained. Wheelchair access and storage, seating positions and how clear the displays are all need to be carefully considered.

This handy info-graphic put together by CARE BLUEBIRD explains some of the best cars for older people and disabled drivers as well as 20 tips on choosing a car for an older or disabled driver:

Transportation For Older People And Disabled Drivers - An Infographic from Bluebird Care
Embedded from Care Bluebird
NOTE: This Infographic originates in the UK.  If you live in the USA or Canada, google the car model listed here and look for the North American model name.

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