Tuesday 30 June 2015


Every day I scour the internet for caregiver news and innovative products.  Today I want to tell you about the best thing I’ve found in ages – this invention will help to lengthen the time seniors can live independently and it will make a real difference to our elders’ health.


It’s a medication dispensing innovation called PillPack – here’s how it works.

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TJ Parker is the pharmacist who came up with a solution to simplify the life of 30 million older American adults managing their medications at home. Growing up around his family’s pharmacy, TJ saw the struggles of patients who juggled complicated medication schedules and multiple trips to the pharmacy every week. As many family owned businesses do, the Parker pharmacy identified and catered to the needs of their long-term customers. The Parkers, with the help of TJ, created intuitive and stylish packaging technology and a seamless system for filling and delivering prescriptions that allows patients and their caregivers to feel in control. TJ saw the need to throw the antiquated pharmacy model out the window and create a better, more user-friendly experience.  But what he didn’t throw out was personal service. He knew too, that customers wanted a system that could work seamlessly with their insurance providers.  This reinvention led him to open a company named PillPack with a mission to re-invent the pharmacy.


"PillPack is everything I was looking for to help my elderly Dad regulate his twice daily medication dosages. The system is clear and simple for any and all ages to understand. The packaging is ingenious. I cannot say enough positive things about the PillPack customer service and pharmacist team. Just outstanding attention to detail combined with extremely knowledgeable, kind and compassionate staff who clearly aim to please and satisfy their patients and their families. Pillpack has taken away the constant worry I used to have when hoping my Dad was on track with his many medications. I highly recommend PillPack."
Beth T., Massachusetts

"PillPack is super easy for my mother who has Alzheimer's. No one has to stress out filling the pill box anymore and we don't have to worry about spilling it."
Shawn S., Minnesota

"I used to always forget to put my pills in the weekly pill box. PillPack has made it so much easier and I have been telling everybody about it."

Carla P., Arizona


My Mom uses a daily pill dispenser, but she has multiple tablets each day.  She still has to remember which pill is which and what time she needs to take each medication.  PillPack is a simple and easy way for my Mom (and anyone who is on multiple medications) to simplify their home health.  I love this product.

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