Thursday 23 April 2015

Turn Up the Music and Dance - Anytime, Anywhere!

Last week, I turned 60.  I took advantage of the occasion to invite friends and family over for, what else?, a dance party!  Over my years of caregiving, I have learned that celebrating with music and dancing makes everyone feel good.  Dancing makes me smile and birthdays make me feel special and loved.

But there some years when friends and family weren't with me for special occasions.  Many times, I felt in need of some kind of celebration (for no particular reason!) when it was just me with Nicholas at home or in the hospital.  Sometimes Natalie, Jim, and my Mom would be there to join in our spur-of-the-moment parties and sometimes, not.  I remember once, feeling so restless for celebration after a long bout of illness with Nick, that I made a cake, put up some streamers in the kitchen and announced that it was an 'unbirthday' party.  The kids and I sang 'Happy Unbirthday to Us', we blew out the candles and I put the music on for a kitchen dance party.

Listening to music always makes me feel better and almost always, I dance in my imagination to the songs I really like.  Caregivers and their loved ones don't have to be nimble to enjoy music and dancing - they can even be bedridden.  Take Alice Barker, a 102 year old dancer!

Today, turn up the music and dance with your loved one - wherever you are!

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