Wednesday 8 April 2015

The Lies I Tell

This video got me thinking about how I have lied to my loved ones.  I lied to Nicholas when I said it would be alright after his hip surgery (the truth is, I had no idea.. and in the end, it wasn't alright).  I lied to Nick and to my Mom when I said "honestly, it's no trouble at all!" (and I will continue telling this lie until I can no longer be of help).  I lied often when I said "I'm fine!"

But I tell the truth, too.  If a procedure is going to hurt, I always tell Nick.  If I'm worried, I tell my loved ones.  And if I think we should go to the hospital or call the doctor, I tell them - I tell my family the plans I believe we should make for their care.

What lies do you tell your loved one?

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