Tuesday 23 December 2014

On Birthdays and Christmases Past

This December 23rd, I am wistful about time passing.  Tomorrow is my Mom's 93rd birthday.  It seems like yesterday we celebrated her 90th - time is passing so quickly now that I am older.  We met our daughter at the airport last evening and when she walked out of the international arrivals gate, I was struck by how mature, poised and TALL she is!  (I may be shrinking!)

Tomorrow Natalie and I will drive to Montreal where we'll celebrate Mom's birthday together with my sister and her family.  I hope Mom feels well, but if not, we're ready for 'any exigency' - as Mom would say herself. 

Here's Mom on her 90th three years ago, celebrating with me and my sister Karen.

And Christmas memories came flooding back when I began to look at old photos for this blog post today.  Here I am pregnant with Natalie in 1991.  Nicholas was three then and I was in full throttle 'extreme caregiver' mode.  I'm so happy that Jim and I took the leap of faith to have our Natalie!

And busy Christmases past with our young children came and went in a blur of shouts of glee, medications given and upset tummies from too much shortbread.

Now, we are older and I want to hang on these moments of joy with our most treasured loved ones.  Tomorrow and on Christmas, when I take photos, I'll will time to slow down just a little to savour Mom's 93rd Birthday and Christmas, 2014.  

Thank you all for keeping me company in the Caregivers' Living Room.  Happy Holidays and May Good Health and Love at Home Bless You Throughout 2015!

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