Friday 20 September 2013

Slowing Down Without a Fight - Slow Walkers

Lately, I've been thinking about time...that it goes too fast for my Mom and sometimes for Nicholas. Sometimes my loved ones who need care require me to slow down, to listen more intently, to put away my phone, to hear my own breathing. The Canadian philosopher Jacques Dufresne has this to say about the nature of time:

  Beyond the precise measure of “clock time” which sweeps us away, fragmenting our lives and breaking our ties, there is the natural flow of real time. Real time unfolds like the seasons, like the vivid and variable wildflowers following each other in a succession of springs: first the crocus, then the cherry blossom, and later still, the iris. We identify with these seasons; we live them. They are the living ties that bind us to all of nature – the times we belong to, the times of belonging. - - - - -(for more inspiring reflections on metaphor, aging and disability, go HERE)

So, in the spirit of slowing down today, I give you this inspiring short film, "Slow Walkers" by Michael Nyman.

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