Monday 24 December 2012

How the Grinch Got Christmas

A few weeks ago, Nicholas came home to help decorate our Christmas tree.  Nick is never that interested in the 'girlie' stuff of decorating, but he was only slightly grinch-like after I gave him a hot chocolate with mini-marshmallows to sip and put on Phil Spector's "Rockin Around the Christmas Tree".  As we were hanging baubles, I asked my young man if he'd like to take some decorations back to his home to do up his room for the season.  "No!!!!" was his reply.  I rolled my eyes and made a feeble attempt to convince him otherwise, but it was no use.  For some reason, Nicholas believes that to participate in holiday festivities by anything other than coercion does not reflect the total he-man that he is.  So, we wrapped our guy up against the cold and off he went with his helper/friend back to his man-cave bachelor pad.

Then one day last week, I dropped in on my boy and couldn't help but notice standing in the corner of his room, THIS:

Jen, Nick's night nurse had slowly worked on my family Grinch, saying, "Nick, maybe we could make you a man-tree.  If I get a tree that isn't all sparkly or anything, would you try it?"  "Well, OK" was Nick's reply.  So, Jen's Dad made a stand in his workshop and Jen got a large tree branch to go in the stand.  It was a tree that befitted a Grinch.  Then Josh, one of Nick's two best friend/day-time helpers got Nick to help make decorations.  These decorations reflect Nick's interests - the World Wrestling Entertainment and beer.  Note the crushed beer can for a 'star' on the treetop.  I'm not sure what convinced Nicholas to say 'oh alright' to the gold stars, but I suspect that he was so pleased with his unique Christmas tree that by the end, he was more willing to go along with girlie stuff.

So, when it came time to bring in gifts for all Nick's helper/friends, of course we put them under his tree!  We had a gift exchange with some of his helper/friends a couple of days ago and a good time was had by all.

Today is Christmas Eve.  Nicholas will go with Jim to my brother in law's for a family party.  Natalie and I will drive to Montreal to see my Mum who turns 91 today!  She's still feeling pretty rotten from her recent bout with C-Difficile, but I hope our visit will cheer her.  Our plan is to give her a very gentle and long hug.

To all my friends in the caregiving world, far and wide, may the spirit of Christmas fill your hearts.


Mary @ Life After IEPs said...

Merry Christmas to you, Nicholas, and all your family. Love the Nick's tree!

The Caregivers' Living Room said...

Thank you, Mary, Merry Christmas to you and to everyone at LIFE AFTER IEPs!