Saturday, 23 June 2012

Summer Memories of the Lake

Today I am at the lake, remembering.  Nicholas used to come with us here - to swim in our crystal clear water, to play charades with family (Jim and I met on the lake, so there are a lot of us here) and to share in family meals on the front porch.

Now, summer at the cottage must be without our Nick.  Here, we have no staff for day or night, no ceiling track hoists or rooms of medical supplies.  The cottage does not offer alternating electric air mattresses for sleeping and resting without risking pressure sores.  Nick is 6' tall now and no more can we throw him over our shoulder to carry him down to the lake.

Here are some photos of the old days...

We'll try to get Nick to the cottage this summer for the day.  I feel hopeful about that, but I understand it might not happen.  Our young man has a good life now, but today I feel sad that we can't relive the best days of our past.  On the other hand, Natalie is not here this weekend either, she's in the city at a rock concert.
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