Monday 11 June 2012

Managing Care Online!

Last week, I noticed a health blog in the New York Times titled "Managing Care Online".  I had to read it and write to respond, describing our experience with a care coordination tool called "Tyze".  I've written about Tyze both in my book and in previous blog posts.  Here is my contribution to the Times blog piece:

  • Donna Thomson
  • Ottawa, Canada
I am the mother of a 23 year old young man with severe disabilities who recently moved away from home and into a residential care facility. With the help of round the clock nursing care as well as the support of friends and family, our son pursues his many interests. His life is full and rich. Such a large of team of professionals and family who care for about my son requires careful coordination and sure-fire information sharing. For this, we rely on a software program called Tyze ( We use Tyze to schedule both medical and social appointments, arrange transportation and pass along vital information to all concerned (my son is non-speaking). Last week, I took a photo of a rash on his face, emailed it to our GP (the doctor is part of our private Tyze network) and received instructions for treatment which could be seen by all the care staff. Recently, my 90 year old mother was hospitalized, so we began another Tyze site for her. For us, Tyze is an indispensable tool in caring for my family members who require extra care and coordination.

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