Tuesday 3 April 2012

My Day

Today I said NO to visiting Nick so that I could get important things done. Here's what happened:

6am: Woken by a bad dream about wading through alligator infested swamp to get to my kids.
6-9am: Drink a pot of coffee and read paper. Check emails, facebook and blog frequently.
9am: Call Nick's residence to get overnight seizure update. Look at emails and work on a presentation for next week at Holland Bloorview Rehab Parent group in Toronto.
Noon: Give up on emails and presentation - call Nicholas' nurse and recommended an enema in an effort to ease recent nausea.
12:30: Call to speak to Nick and explain about enema.
12:45: Doctor calls to give seizure drug blood results. They are OK.
1pm: I call girlfriends in London because I miss them and I am putting off working on a magazine article due next week for Canadian disability Journal "Abilities"
2pm: I send a draft of the magazine article to husband Jim and daughter Natalie to read/edit.
3pm: Call Nick to see if he's OK and hear that enema has good results. Nick is playing with the new puppy of one of his workers.
3:30: Receive edits of magazine article from Jim and Natalie. Decide article needs major revisions. Eat lunch including as many oatmeal raisin cookies as I can fit in my mouth.
4pm: Change for zumba dance class and think about revisions.
5-6pm: Dance class, no worries, yay! Followed by grocery shopping while worrying.
7pm: Revise Holland Bloorview presentation paper. Call mother in Montreal to check in.
7:30: Open bottle of good red.
7:31: Realize very little was accomplished today, but vow to make tomorrow better.


Anonymous said...

Tomorrow: Send Holland Boorview paper and article to Matt, as he is a gifted writer and understands disability.

The Caregivers' Living Room said...

Yes, He is wonderful! Can't wait to meet him. I forgot to add to my blog post the most important bit, which I will do now - that yesterday was supposed to be my day NOT visiting Nick (in order to get stuff done). Oh well, where are those bemused smiley faces when you need them?