Thursday 9 February 2012

Often We Are Serious, But Sometimes, We Are Silly

Regular readers of my blog will know that Nicholas is hockey-mad. But Nick is more than this, so much more. He is a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) super-fan.

Nick has a couple of heroes in the WWE - one is Stone Cold Steve Austin. In my book, The Four Walls of My Freedom, I wrote about the wish foundation trip we took to meet "Mr. Stone Cold". But if there is another wrestler who could eclipse Steve Austin (aka Stone Cold) in Nick's list of top ten wild and craziest hulks-in-the-ring, it would be "The Ultimate Warrior". The Warrior is retired from pro-wrestling now, but that doesn't stop him from blogging, philosophising and selling his 'fine art' online. The Warrior doesn't speak, he growls and Nicholas can do an excellent imitation.

It so happened yesterday, that Nick and I were fooling around in the Warrior's vast online empire, when we noticed something very interesting. The Ultimate One is appearing live in Minneapolis on March 24th and he has two VIP tickets up for grabs, but there is a catch. The tickets must be won in a contest and the winner will be chosen by Warrior fans themselves. What, you may ask, must be done to win these VIP tickets? Impersonate the Warrior growl on film!

So there you have it, dear friends, my shopping list for today reads as follows: light brown mullet wig, face paints in red, yellow and black and coloured strings to tie on biceps. As I write this, Nick is practicing his growl. If you subscribe to Warrior cyberspace, vote for Nick!


BLOOM - Parenting Kids With Disabilities said...

Hi Donna -- You'll have to let us know how to vote once you've submitted your video.

Have fun! xo

The Caregivers' Living Room said...

I will definitely let everyone know how to vote - stay tuned! And thank you!!!

Deborah said...

I can believe that I will be subscribing to The Warriors site to do this for Nick! Too funny. The ultimate in silly. If the FBI ever seized my computer and looked at the sites I was looking at they'd be so confused!

Anonymous said...

Count me in!