Friday 20 January 2012

The Sisterhood - The Power of Female Friendship

Everyone has a 'go to' person they seek for solace, for laughter, for encouragement and for healing. A person with whom they can be truly themselves without censure or self-censorship.

I am blessed. I have a group of such dear friends and we call ourselves 'the sisterhood'.

Here we are on holiday last year - me, Nora, Beena, Diana and Anita. Annie couldn't come due to illness, but we kept her included via cellphone. We are a group of mothers, activists, and volunteers. One is a former Ambassador, one a former correspondent, one a writer. There is an executive non-profit organizer and another is an entrepreneur. We are all from different countries. Once we all lived in London, but now each of us is divided by geography. But, does that stop the support we give one another? Not on your life. Here's a sample of an email I received this week: "Dear Donna, So good to hear from you. You are a true inspiration....while we all complain about silly things in life you are coping day in and day out with Nick and still making time for your blogs and zumba. Go sister gooooo!!"
My friends buoy my spirits - they make me laugh and and they weep with me. I know they would drop everything to help me if I asked.
I'll tell you one thing that I have learned in my life. Living through adversity (and who doesn't do that?) is made possible through the power of loving relationships.
Every day, I am grateful for my sisterhood.

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