Tuesday, 12 April 2011


When I wrote a book and it got published and distributed around the world, I had no idea if anyone would read it, much less contact me to tell me their own story of caregiving. Well, I have heard from a number of mothers and fathers of children with disabilities and I am so pleased that our family experience touched a chord with others. One of the readers who took the time and trouble to contact me was the mother of Max Grange from Aspen, Colorado. Max is the same age as Nicholas and has many of the same challenges. When I received the initial handwritten and heartfelt letter from Max's mother along with a photo of the family, I found myself blinking away tears. Not tears of sorrow, oh no. Just a deep recognition of the love between mother, son .... and dog! I could see at once that this happy family enjoyed the same love, support and mutual respect as mine. So, I am proud to share Max's new website. I know that Max would love to be in touch with anyone who would like to know more about adapted skiing, art or any of his other interests. I commend everyone to: BIG AIR MAX!

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